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Our clientsmission is to increase the number of financially independent people. They believe they can achieve this goal by building tools that enable independent business owners to scale their businesses profitably. Their first product combines a virtual credit card system with dynamic spending limits and software tooling to help merchants grow and optimise their profitability. They are growing very fast -- in less than five months, they grew to millions in card volume. They have a significant waitlist of customers waiting to use their product. They are looking to expand their headcount quickly to support the demand. Their investors include Solomon Hykes (founder of Docker), Paul Buchheit (founder of Gmail), Paul Graham (founder of Y Combinator), Robert Leshner (founder of compound.finance), and many more. They have raised over $30M from top-tier fintech investors.


  • Experience with modern web technologies such as: Git, Node.js, GraphQL, React, Web APIs, Docker, Databases, Kubernetes, Microservices, etc.

  • Interest in building products meant to be used by real users. Meaning the ability to work closely with customers and intuitively make real product decisions

  • Proven abilities in developing your own scalable, products/applications from scratch


  • A passionate, determined, and curious thinker who thinks about problems from an engineering perspective

  • Someone who is interested in growing in a fast-paced environment

  • Desire to work in a fast-paced environment, continuously grow and master your craft

  • Strong communicator who can articulate your ideas clearly and participate in making difficult decisions

  • A self-starter who can approach general problems and find a direction to take them

  • A hacker with general interest in learning about new technologies and coming up with solutions to unsolved problems


  • Experience working within payments or at a fintech company/on a fintech project
  • Experience and subject matter expertise in the e-commerce industry Interest/contributions to open source software



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