United Kingdom Healthcare Recruitment

International Healthcare Recruitment to the United Kingdom

Considering relocating to the United Kingdom?

If you’re a healthcare professional who’s keen to grow your career in the United Kingdom, then we have the job you want together with the support you’ll love!

Carter Wellington, together with our global partner network partners, works with employers throughout the UK with specific interest in regional areas where the cost of living is far lower than in the big cities.

Carter Wellington offers our candidates access to positions with our UK employers including private facilities and the National Health Service (NHS).

Who do we recruit?

Carter Wellington undertake international recruitment for the full spectrum of healthcare professionals from around the globe. We recruit Nurses, Doctors and Allied Health Professionals such as Radiographers and Sonographers, Therapists and more.

Our team possesses an in-depth understanding the complexities of moving to and working in another country, and provide extensive support for individuals and families alike, so register or search and apply today.

International Healthcare Recruitment to the United Kingdom for doctors, nurses and allied health professionals
International Healthcare Recruitment to the United Kingdom requires many skills

Over 20 years experience

Over the last twenty years we have successfully recruited and deployed over 8,000 professionals; 94% of which have involved international relocation. Rest assured that you are in safe hands.

We look after everything required to get you here and working in the shortest possible time including assistance with professional registration (if required), facilitating sponsorship for your visa, coordinating travel and arrival arrangements including transfer to your accommodation.

Our experienced compliance team have an in-depth knowledge of the regulatory processes across a number of countries and can offer a broad range of advice and expertise.