Healthcare Recruitment


More than a quarter of a century

Our first steps into the world of international healthcare recruitment belongs to a time when CVs were sent using facsimile machines, scanning was something out of science fiction, and the internet was something only scientists thought was “cool”.

The knowledge and expertise we have gained since then can be of significant value to any organisation considering a venture into the global healthcare recruitment market.

Since 1995

Carter Wellington’s team is the culmination of over a quarter of a century of experience in international healthcare recruitment.

Professional Expertise

We’re super proud of our diverse and talented team located throughout your key markets around the world.

Global Footprint

By working with a diverse range of organisations, we can ensure that you have access to a global pool of qualified and experienced professionals.

A common goal

Our clients share one common goal: to build a team that ensures the highest standards while sharing and contributing to the overall purpose, function and vision of the organisation. With today’s world characterised by rapid globalisation and technological advances combined with ever-increasing competition for high calibre talent, these goals are often overshadowed by the need to find the right people to share this vision.

Our key personnel have a long association with international healthcare recruitment and provide quality recruitment solutions globally.

Having operated within the healthcare and medical recruitment market for more than a quarter of a century, our core team possesses detailed knowledge of qualification equivalence and requirements, salaries and far more. This knowledge adds great value to our partnership and contributes to positive recruitment outcomes.

History | Experience

Our organisation has an enviable track record of managing large scale campaigns to attract, engage and secure candidates on a global basis. Healthcare recruitment is in our DNA and our history includes contracts with many hospitals and government health departments in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the Middle East, United Kingdom and Canada.

We have had great success, but not without failure. It is these failures that have given us the knowledge of what works, and what does not, and it is this knowledge that lets us stand apart from others.

We know what you, as a client, wants. And just as importantly, we know what healthcare professionals are looking for.

Local Knowledge | Global Expertise

Pivotal to creating successful recruitment outcomes and delivering solutions fast, we operate a global recruitment partner network comprised of industry leading professionals, allowing us to provide local knowledge from a global perspective.

Our network now spans the globe with representatives located in the USA and Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, MENA and APAC regions including Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

This extensive network affords us the ability to know what is happening “on the ground” in both the key recruitment source locations and the destinations countries that are looking to recruit.