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freelance = freedom

Are you a professional recruiter looking to branch out on your own to secure a more rewarding career? You may have just found the solution.

Freedom, financial rewards and flexibility are just a few examples of what benefits lie before you in the world of freelance recruitment. When you venture out of your agency or corporate role, you will find that the liberty to run things how and where you decide can be quite advantageous. However, taking that big step and going it alone can be a daunting prospect, and that’s where Carter Wellington can help.

Carter Wellington is a rapidly growing network of highly experienced freelance recruitment professionals. Our cloud SAAS platform provides everything you need to operate and successfully compete in today's recruitment landscape, while granting you complete control over your clients, your candidates, your income, and your future.

We want to help you invest in yourself and your future while giving you the flexibility to work where and when you want. Did we mention that you earn a minimum of 75% of every fee you generate?

Find out more about becoming a freelance recruitment professional.