Job Openings Combustion Specialsit

About the job Combustion Specialsit

Our client is a leading, fully-integrated, refining and petrochemical company in Thailand and Asia Pacific whose business consists of refining, petrochemicals, lube base oil and solvents.

Workplace: Sriracha, Chonburi Office

Special Challenges:
  • The main challenge is to sustain and growth combustion section, create a good cooperation between all parties involved and to make use of the available knowledge in various disciplines. Knowledge is transferred by the one who recognizes a problem.
  • It is an incumbent to have/or improve trainer skills so as to transfer all technical knowledge gained from work experience, engineering theory and worldwide best practice.
  • Leadership skill, technical knowledge, good team work and motivation are essentials to make a job successful.

Experience and Qualifications required:
  • Experienced with fired equipment operation, sound engineering background (e.g. Heat transfer, fluid mechanics, Thermodynamics and basic chemical knowledge)
  • Expertise in combustion supervision and management
  • Good team work, communication, motivation and adaptability.
  • Basic knowledge of computer program, Microsoft office etc.

Key Competences:
  • Manage team and system
  • Strategic planning and development
  • Optimization, initiation & innovation and efficiency improvement
  • Consultant internal and external parties
  • Combustion budget and expense management
  • Training, ensure staff readiness and development