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Software Engineer

Our client is looking to empower collaboration and remove barriers to entry when it comes to developing deep learning and AI-powered applications. By replacing dev-ops clutter with a clean and powerful UX, we strive to both increase the speed at which developers can iterate as well as facilitate growth within the deep learning field as a whole.

They are looking for talented engineers to help build out our platform. Day-to-day, they work on a wide breadth of features at every level of the stack, so engineers need to have both the curiosity and fearlessness to step out of their technical comfort zone and dive into new challenges. Intuitive UX is a large part of what sets us apart, so an eye for empathic design that balances experience with technical complexity is also crucial.

???????The Team

As an organization, collaboration is key to our success and extends beyond the engineering team. We deeply value the problem-solving that arises from having a diverse set of voices that know both how to share and how to listen. We build trust in each other by being eager to help and reliable when called upon. And we keep a strong culture of mentorship and knowledge-sharing so that we can grow collectively as a team.


Our ideal candidate would have:

  • Experience in Computer Science or a closely-related field
  • Enthusiasm for diving into technical challenges
  • Desire for learning and growth across the breadth of the technical stack
  • Strong, empathic communication skills
  • Interest in the fields of AI and machine learning
  • A passion for building tools and opening doors


The technologies used everyday include:

Languages: Go, Python, Javascript (React/Redux), SQL

Platforms: Docker, Kubernetes, Kafka, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure