Job Openings IT/Enterprise: Systems Administrator

About the job IT/Enterprise: Systems Administrator



Our Client is seeking motivated individuals with an impressive record of academic and/or professional achievement to join their IT/Enterprise team as a systems administrator. The systems administrators in their IT/Enterprise group provide support, automation, and management for a wide variety of enterprise technology, including a sophisticated Windows and Linux desktop/server environment, cutting-edge storage and clustered computing solutions, and a number of communications platforms. 


What You Will Do Day-To-Day


The technologist they hire will be responsible for a varied array of support and project work across a wide range of technology, including but not limited to Windows PCs and servers, UNIX servers, mobile devices, and an advanced communications infrastructure. Some projects may include: troubleshooting complex technical issues, administration of various infrastructure-level systems, and automation and efficiency improvements. Successful team members are resourceful, with a strong ability to combine independent research, prior experience, and critical analysis to resolve unfamiliar problems and advance challenging work.


Who They Are Looking For


  • Strong interest in both building technology and helping others use that technology effectively; successfully combining superb research and analytical skills to resolve unfamiliar problems and advance challenging work; knowledge of the Microsoft Windows enterprise environment and standard applications, such as Microsoft Office; and a demonstrated interest in improving process and technology.
  • Great social skills, excellent communication skills, and superb organizational abilities, all critical to working with global colleagues across a diverse set of backgrounds, experiences, and projects.
  • Familiarity with general systems administration; experience with phone, desk-side, trade floor, and/or remote user support; experience with hardware and software administration; familiarity with a Linux or Solaris environment; and experience with Python, PowerShell, and/or other scripting languages.
  • In keeping with their firm's culture and the ever-changing nature of their work, they are more interested in talent, curiosity, and motivation as demonstrated by a strong history of achievement than they are in any particular skill or experience.