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Juliya Locop
Location: United Arab Emirates

My Thirteen (13) years of experience in HR Management and Recruitment Since, I landed my career in Human Resources  from start up in my previous organizations have led me the adoption of all people processes, systems, policies and procedures and have managed multi-cultural group of professionals. I qualify personal accountability for results and my integrity is respected.  And as a 360 Recruiter both Local and International has given me the opportunity to recognize the different needs of client companies and the ability to spot the right talent fit for diverse organizational culture and needs. I am proficient to recruit talent in the following sectors:

Business: Human Resources, Recruitment, Administration, Accounting, Consultant, Finance, Insurance, Travel and Tourism, Real Estate, Economics;
Medical/ Health Care:  Doctor, Nurse, Midwife, Paramedic, Social Worker, and Psychologist;
Service Industry:  Bartenders, Waiter/Waitress, Call Center, Bank Teller, Hair Stylist, Manicurist, Personal Fitness Trainer, Retail, Sales, Wedding Planner;
Engineering & Construction:  Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Electromechanical Engineer, Forman, Electrician, Plumber  
Teaching:  Guidance Counselor, Librarian, Teacher, Assistant Teacher, Teaching Online and Abroad, Instructor;
Technology:   App Developer, Computer Programmer, Database, Programmer, Software Engineer and Programmer, Web Developer;
Other Industry: Arts, Media, Aviation, From Blue and White Collar Job.

Language Spoken: Fluent in English & Tagalog Understand & Converse: Basic: Spanish, Arabic, Japanese and Hindi.

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