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Bronwynn Dyson
Location: South Africa

My career-life started 14 years ago when I left my beautiful family and country to work in a country that was very foreign to me at first - Belgium. This was the start of it all. This is where my "Dutch" journey started, today I speak Dutch fluently and have been actively using the language within my roles that I have had at Shell.

Over the years I have come to experience many things and have achieved some of the greatest highlights of my life - Vice-President awards, gold awards, agent of the month awards, being chosen (twice) to travel for business purposes to receive training in another foreign country, being part of a new, complex team that migrated from Europe and starting up in Cape Town, training people that are now in good roles also still within the company, being the go-to person for new systems and technical help, business contributions, job satisfaction, etc etc.

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