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Ahmed Khalaf
Location: Qatar

An accomplished and result driven Senior HR Professional with comprehensive experience in recruitment and administration setting within highly competitive markets. Adept in delivering efficient solutions in areas that include, organisational development, payroll, benefits administration, compensations, talent acquisition, learning, performance development, employee relations, and infrastructure optimization. Leverage broad-based operations and HR experience, recruiting, training, and retaining staff, delivering optimal performance. Possesses natural leadership abilities, with capability to train, motivate and direct staff to achieve successful outcomes.


  • Budget Management
  • Workforce Assessments and Recruitment Planning
  • Job Analysis and Evaluation (hay methodology)
  • Benefits & Compensations
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Campaigns Management
  • Testing & Interviewing methods
  • HR Sourcing, Screening, Selection and Hiring
  • Learning & Development
  • Employee Relation
  • Procedures Development
  • Appraisal and Evaluation
  • HRIS (Oracle/SAP)


Successfully led the recruitment team to enhance the KPIs results as follow:

  • Vacancy fill rate: increased by 22% (best achievement 100% since 2012).
  • Cost per hire: reduced by 62% (best achievement 81% reduction in 2015 and 72% reduction in 2017).
  • Confirmation ratio: increased to by 5% (best achievement was 100% in 2017).
  • Recruitment cycle time: reduced by 14% (best achievement 51% reduction in 2014).

Drove improvements in recruitment functions by successful completion a benchmark task within QP subsidiaries about the recruitment and selection process.

Enhanced the HR processes by developing number of procedures related to Recruitment, Payroll, HR Services and others...

Professionally trained, mentored and coached recruiters, summer trainees and fresh graduates on HR related administrative and technical skills.

Spearheaded several successful recruitment campaigns in Africa, Asia and Europe.

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